[starttext] Watching the strange but true blog with a wiki serial video about Crazy and stupid tattoos around the world.The first video clip is : "Cool Ear Tattoos"
Here are some pretty cool ear tattoos. With the guy above, apparently people don’t realise that ear doesn’t hear so good. Maybe the tattoo will help get the point across.
On the next you may return to watch full clips with : "Stupidest Guy Ever?" , "Stupid Tramp Stamps" ,"Tattooed feet " , "Stupid Face Tattoos" .and more...

Incredible tattoo, watch a new clip about "Crazy and stupid tatoos".

[starttext] ‘Sex and Zen 3D: Extreme Ecstasy’ drew in quite a crowd on its release in Hong Kong last Friday. Promoted as the world’s first 3D porn film, a sequel is already on the cards as producers enjoy an enthusiastic box office reception.

A sequel to Hong Kong’s highest grossing adult film ‘Sex and Zen’, the 3D remake is also set in the court of ancient China’s Ming dynasty and is based on the classic erotic novel ‘The Carnal Prayer Mat’. The 113 minute Cantonese language film stars adult entertainment VIP’s Yukiko Suo and Saori Hara and depicts a young scholar who is drawn into the sexual decadence of the royal court.

The film reportedly cost around $2 million to make but its risqué content has landed it with a category III rating from censors, release looks unlikely in mainland China and screenings were rejected by Imax in Hong Kong.

WATCHING! the world’s first 3D porn film :‘Sex and Zen 3D: Extreme Ecstasy’

[starttext] Watching the strange but true blog with video clip "baby snake skin".
We do not comment on the video clip "baby snake skin '.
Hey, this post is just for everyone to read the source and watch on blog " the strange but true"  view of the world.

Watching the strange but true blog with video clip "baby snake skin".

[starttext]This is one video clip of miracles have been known in Vietnam.
Virgin Maria miracles do at the Notre Dame Cathedral center of Saigon ( Ho chi minh town ) Vietnam, tears streaming down the left side of her face.

Stories of miracles from the statue of Virgin Mary in Vietnam

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